Mick Szirmay: "My artist background spans decades. after graduating college in 1981 with an Electronics degree in satellite Communications I spent the next 10 years developing my skills as a commercial artist. A comic book fan my whole life, I spent every available moment drawing my favorite comic book heroes Spiderman and Ironman. I also dabbled in 3D modeling the old fashioned way, in clay and plastic. One fateful day a close friend of mine introduced me to the Macintosh computer and from that moment on I knew where my destiny lie. Happily married to the lovely Judy and father to two beautiful daughters Chrissy and Katie I poured my spare time into learning how to draw on the computer which was certainly a different animal. A year later I landed a gig as the artist for an educational software company where I learned every facet of software development. My decade long career as a drummer for a rock band led to the opportunity to write and record music for the software titles as well. My strength’s lie in conceptual design, creating visually stunning and yet intuitive interfaces. I landed a major contract to design an interface for a series of CD ROM titles for Discovery Channel. My passion for comic book character design has fueled my fire since I was a kid and when I met the extremely talented Mike Merryweather, a fellow CG Artist, my dream had begun."


Mike Merryweather: "My artist background spans decades as well. after graduating grade 1 in 1981, received top honors in Lego and building blocks. Soon after, my interests turned to computers when I achieved the top score in Asteroids. Once I learned to read, I began to collect comics and fell in love with the many worlds I was swept into. My eye for the 3D world, thirst for technology and passion for comics lead me to a Diploma in 3D Graphics and Animation in 1995. An avid athlete, I met my future wife, Lori on the volleyball court. We’ve been married for three years and have a beautiful daughter named Nike. Nike, a Border Collie, Ridgeback cross, received her namesake when she ate three pairs of shoes in her first 24 hours with us. Lori is an acupuncturist and personal trainer, she keeps me running smoothly! I met Mick in 1995. A great person and supremely talented artist, Mick is my mentor in both life and art. I am truly blessed to be this close to my dreams at this stage in my life."


Above Design Ltd. offer custom 3D character and scenery design and modeling services, as well as concept development, screen writing and previsualization. We pride our selves on high impact. leading edge intuitive interface design.. we also create high quality Flash animation for the web based on 3D characters and beyond.


Software and Experience
3D Modeling (Nurbs, Spline, Polygonal)
3D and 2D Animation
Texture Creation
Character Design
Scenery Design
Flash Creation
Interface Design
Icon Design
Logo Design
Dynamic Web Design
Web Banner Creation
Business Card Design
Corporate Letterhead
Multimedia CD ROMS
DVD Interface Design
CD Artwork
LightWave 6
Animation:Master 2000
Bryce 4
Poser 4
Photoshop 5.5
Flash 4
Dreamweaver 3
Fireworks 3
Illustrator 7
Premier 4
Director 7
Painter 5
Media Cleaner Pro
SoundEdit 16