For nearly eight hundred years the two planets of Vyndos and Arq have been at war. The fury between the two has become so intense they have sworn to completely eliminate each other.

The D'os are a highly advanced race who acquire their technological superiority through the conquering of other advanced species. A species of BioTechOrganics, they consume their victims and acquire any tecnologies that will advance their cause: total control of the Ohes system.

Arq is an ancient world, hundreds of thousands of years old. A species known throughout the galaxy as a powerful, yet compassionate people who pride themselves on their technological advancement. Their crown achievement lies at the center of the Forbidden City of Nöaa in the Temple of the Guardian's.

Four Temples provide a powerful beam of energy focused on a stone at the center of the shrine. The result is the only known teleportation portal in the universe. The key to the portal is the stone. Gëphor, can only be found on the planet Arq.

The D'os want it. They will stop at nothing to acquire the technology.

At the center of our story is Jone of Arq, heir to the Arqian Throne.

Jone was born heir to the throne of Arq during the 2nd Solar phase, 2796. The daughter of Jobz and Amelia was placed in the custody of Angel VI, the cyborg guardian responsible for protecting and educating five generations of future kings and queens.

The interplanetary war between D'os and Arq continued to rage throughout Jone's childhood. Her mother was busy maintaining the Arq homeworld while her father spent nearly six years leading troops on the next planet. Jone was raised almost exclusively by Angel, spending one afternoon per week with her mother. Patient and protective, Angel provided Jone with a role model and a friend.

When Jone was sixteen, Jobz returned from his time abroad. The Arq people quickly rallied around their storied leader. Within two years of Jobz's return Arq had grown stronger than ever before.

Seeing an opportunity to defeat the D'os, Jobz set out to start a new colony on the neighbouring moon of Ixar. In two years time, Ixar's orbit would be on the far side of Vyndos, leaving Vyndos directly between Arq and Ixor. One massive offensive would leave the D'os decimated.

Unaware of Jobz plan, the D'os continue their endless barage on Arq with increasing success. The Forbiden City of Nöaa lies in ruin, with the Temple of the Guardians the last remaining solice for the people of Arq. Time is running out on Jobz, six months remain before Ixar is in proper orbit to launch the assault on Vyndos.

Can Arq hang on that long?



The Story of Angel VI

The Angel series of sentent cybernetic female guardians was introduced to the people of Arq by a highly advanced race of flambouyant cybernetic engineers from the nearby star system of MetaQor. They developed the Angel series to defend their own public officials and celebrities from danger.

Once the design was perfected they set out to sell their technology to the highest bidder. Confronted and humiliated by the D'os, the engineers lost their first shipment of Angel 5's. The D'os felt them an inferior technology with no future and destroyed all but one for further analysis.

Not one to give up and still stinging from their humiliating defeat by the D'os, the MetaQor developed the Angel 6, a new generation even more advanced. They made the Angel 6 available to the Arq, at cost.

On route to Arq, the MetaQor were again ambushed by the D'os and during the battle all but one of the Angel 6 were destroyed. The remaining unit and it's main engineer Dr. Kaih jettisoned from the mothership in a transpod and crash-landed near the Forbidden City of Nöaa. Critically wounded Dr. Kaih had managed to activate the Angel 6 seconds before his death.

Angel now activated, but without specific orders headed toward the Forbidden City in search of the leader of the Arq people. Angel's grace and power was met with great respect and gratitude. She was assigned to the protection and education of young heirs to the throne of Arq. Since then "Angel" has been guardian to five generations of Arqian monarchy.

Meanwhile, the D'os had been busy with their Angel 5 modifying it to suit their needs.

Their plan was to re-introduce the highly modified Angel 5 to the MetaQor homeworld. The Angel 5 infiltrated the MetaQor and destroyed their science and technology colonies leaving them as a shell of a once great species. They have drifted into obscurity. Angel would be the last of her kind.

The Making of Angel

The Angel 6 is the most highly advanced form of cybernetic android known. Created using flexible alloys that are highly resistant to almost any damage save some minor cosmetic elements such as her suit and hair.

Angel contains highly advanced computer systems as well as scanning technologies that make it possible for her to detect surrounding lifeform's biorhythms allowing her to sense their intentions be they friendly or hostile.

Angel can draw upon devices and systems within her body to cope with or neutralize any possible threat. These hidden devices only make themselves appear when needed thus keeping her appearance uncluttered and visually striking.

As yet, not all of Angel's built-in weaponry has been verified. It is known however that Angel can project extrordinarily powerful concussive blasts of plasma energy from her forearms.